Monday, August 30, 2010

No 'jailbreak' para iPhone 4 con iOS 4.0.2. Lo que deja fuera a los teléfonos vendidos en México.

El DevTeam, quienes han desarrollado varias de las herramientas para hacer 'jailbreak' en iOS, informó que no habrá una versión para iPhone 4.0.2, ni iPad 3.1.2.

Es una mala noticia dado que los iPhone 4 que se venden en México llegaron con esta versión y no es posible regresarlos a una versión previa.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rapid cloud development using Google App Engine for the Cycle Hire Widget Android application

"The development team at LFT were able to quickly come up-to-speed on learning a new programming language and development environment in order to build and launch the App Engine backend service for their Android mobile app to the world in less than one week. The executive summary:

• Attended 1-hour Thursday night presentation on Google App Engine (Jul 22)

• Started to learn Python and App Engine on Saturday afternoon

• Launched live service Wednesday, announcing their Android app with an App Engine backend (Jul 28)"

Full article.

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Sunday, August 8, 2010


Google Books Determines That There Are 129,864,880 Books In The World (For Now)
Article from CrunchGear

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Friday, July 2, 2010

Great PCMagazine article explaining how to print from an iPad

Great PCMagazine article explaining how to print from an iPad:

«iPad printing apps claim to do a lot, but in our testing, many of them simply didn't work. There's definitely still room for a brilliant third-party app which can print to a range of Wi-Fi printers, because we couldn't find one. The best we could find was Air Sharing HD, an app that reliably prints to printers shared by Macs on the same Wi-Fi network as your iPad, but even that had some formatting oddities.

There are three basic types of iPad printing apps. The first, supposedly, print directly to Wi-Fi-enabled printers. The second look out on your Wi-Fi network for Macs sharing printers, and can print to the shared printers without any intervention from the Mac's user. This is a decent solution if you go somewhere with Macs and printers. The third type requires you to run a server in the background on a Mac or PC every time you want to print something. I consider that an unforgivable kludge; at that point, you might as well just sync your iPad… »

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Cops using's iPad to track down thief

Cops using's iPad to track down thief: [TUAW]

«… law enforcement officials have honed in on the the perpetrator using the iPad's GPS functionality, and are close to making an arrest…» [TUAW]

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

iMovie requiere la cámara frontal

iMovie no funcionará en iPhones 3G, ni 3GS, ya que requiere la cámara frontal.

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iOS 4

Descargar iOS 4 para iPhone 3G desde iTunes 9.2

Descargar RedSn0w del Dev-Team.

Restaurar el iPhone, la opción de Actualizar provoca problemas con los datos 3G cuando el teléfono ya estaba 'jailbroken'.

Justo después de que reinicie el teléfono y mientras espera la opción del teléfono ejecutar RedSn0w. Este es el momento que mejor me ha funcionado a mí, cuando he esperado a que el teléfono esté sincronizado el iPhone se me ha quedado varias veces ciclado en el logo de Apple.

Seleccionar el archivo IPSW con el 'firmware' de iOS4. El archivo liberado el 21 de Junio se llama "iPhone1,2_4.0_8A293_Restore.ipsw" y en MacOSX se encuentra en "~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates".

Habilitar las opciones de MultiTasking, fondo de pantalla e indicador de nivel de batería.

Conectar el iPhone, apagarlo y seguir la secuencia de botones que se indica en la pantalla.

El teléfono se reiniciará ya desbloqueado y entonces continuar con la sincronización.

Y listo.