Friday, July 2, 2010

Great PCMagazine article explaining how to print from an iPad

Great PCMagazine article explaining how to print from an iPad:

«iPad printing apps claim to do a lot, but in our testing, many of them simply didn't work. There's definitely still room for a brilliant third-party app which can print to a range of Wi-Fi printers, because we couldn't find one. The best we could find was Air Sharing HD, an app that reliably prints to printers shared by Macs on the same Wi-Fi network as your iPad, but even that had some formatting oddities.

There are three basic types of iPad printing apps. The first, supposedly, print directly to Wi-Fi-enabled printers. The second look out on your Wi-Fi network for Macs sharing printers, and can print to the shared printers without any intervention from the Mac's user. This is a decent solution if you go somewhere with Macs and printers. The third type requires you to run a server in the background on a Mac or PC every time you want to print something. I consider that an unforgivable kludge; at that point, you might as well just sync your iPad… »

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